Milking it for all it’s worth

Since the arrival of fake cum on the market, fuck knows when and I can’t be arsed to find out, some guys have been really milking it for all it’s worth. Did you enjoy the pun? Who cares right.

In this pic, unless this guy’s had a piercing that went wrong, it is yet again blatantly obvious that “cum” is coming from under his penis where he is no doubt holding the pipe/nozzle firmly n position. In the action shots it’s not that obvious and in this case they fake cum they’re using isn’t too runny as is sometimes the case when they didn’t make sure to mix it properly before use.

In real time it is pretty damn effective though and if we’re to forgive them like we do just about every other porn site for faking various things then there’s no reason not to enjoy this great┬álifetime discount of 56% off Premium Bukkake.