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It’s a Pissing Emergency

I’ve always found it to be super erotic when a woman lets you watch her pee. Whether it’s a babe who is willing to satifsy your curiosity or a chick who has to pee in front of you out of necessity, it’s always hot as hell. 

What is usually such a private moment is suddenly right in your face, which feels voyeuristic and naughty. I especially love seeing a woman who has been holding it until she’s about to burst. That urgency building makes it feel intense. And then of course there’s the visual spectacle that comes with seeing a tight pussy spray as the wet and wild fun splashes on everything and every one around.

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The Kinky Stuff You’ve Always Wanted To Try

Whether you’re active in the BDSM lifestyle or have just always been curious, you’ll be happy to know that right now you can use this 75% off discount to Kink VR. This is where you get to immerse yourself in wild experiences that cover a wide range of fetishes and fantasies. The quality is superb and the roster is unbelievable.

The videos you’ll find here are 3D in 4K Ultra HD with binaural sound and 180-degree views. All of the videos are shot in POV, so it’s like you’re the lucky one getting all the attention. It’s all compatible with Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, Vive, Google Cardboard, and any other headset you might have lying around. Every detail of these productions is gone over to ensure the best possible experience. Great lighting, stupendous editing, and talented direction all come together to create immersive experiences that are unlike anything you’ll find anywhere else. All of the content is 100% exclusive, so you won’t find it anywhere else. Updates are delivered weekly, so there’s always something to look forward to.


Just how wet and messy can she get?

How wet can a pussy really get? well, funny you should ask that because I was wondering that very question and I was going to do whatever was needed to get an answer to it. Thanks to TubeSafari that didn’t take long to get because they have all the wet and messy pussies that you could ask for.

I took a little look around all the xxx categories that they had on offer and wow, am I loving this or what! they have such a variety of action on display but alas it is the messy pussies that we’re here for. Giving it the direction that it needed I was able to make the moment count in the messiest of ways. Once you see how wet this pussy gets you’re going to be ready to let it all out and so you should. She is dripping like a tap that has been turned on as far as it can go and best of all she is wanting more!

Hentai porn to make you wet and messy has all that you need to get wet and messy. Making your moment count has never been as easy as it is. Right now you have all the toon porn in the world to explore and you’re welcome to take as much time as you need to make the most of it.

Putting in the effort doesn’t require nearly as much stamina, not when it is actually something that you can use. Good times are certainly on the way for you and there’s nothing but fun coming your way. For once you don’t need to push yourself, not when you can take it easy and just enjoy the ride.

That’s how I plan on making my moment count and you might as well get in there and get the same for yourself. You certainly don’t need to get wet and messy to make the most of this toon porn, but at the end of the day, it isn’t going to hurt if you do.

Golden Showers Galore

I’ve always been a curious fellow. I tend to check out all my options, no matter what it’s in reference to. This especially applies to porn. There are so many categories and niches out there that I haven’t explored yet. I never know when my cock will respond to something new and I wouldn’t want to deny him of his pleasure. That’s why I always go to to see what’s out there. That’s where I found out I could get a 73% off discount to Pee On Her. This isn’t a fetish I can say I’ve ever thought would turn me on, but with such an incredible offer, I had to see for myself what it was all about.

Right away I was impressed by the lovely ladies featured here. I didn’t think there would be big-name porn stars doing this kind of work, but I was extremely wrong. There are 20+ movies and over 15+ high-resolution photo sets in the collection and as a member, you’re able to leave ratings and comments for both the models and the content. I’m glad I got over myself and checked this site out. It’s definitely my new favorite.


One Squirts and the Other Swallows

The girls inside of Swallow Squirt must all be extremely thirsty because they are drinking tons of piss and female ejaculation, as well as sperm. It’s a crazy mess in there and that is what makes it so incredibly awesome.

There is a ton going on inside of this site. Most scenes feature multiple girls and they are all squirting all over the place. It gets so soaking wet that some scenes are shot with girls in plastic pools, on covers, and sometimes you can even catch girls wearing goggles to keep the juices from getting in their eyes.

There is a lot of masturbation here with fingers and toys. Some girls are doing it to themselves and sometimes other girls help. When one is finally ready to release that high powered stream, another babe will open her mouth to catch it. When a cock is brought into a scene, things get even more wild.

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Fake Dicks Squirts Loads of Fake Cum

This is undoubtedly one of the most bizarre things I have seen and human being will never seize to amaze me. This is an entire site dedicated to women throwing themselves at, sucking and fucking fake dicks that squirt massive loads of fake cum.

As weird as it is, this specific pic of this hot chick rubbing that fake dick on her clit with her back in spasm and arching as she orgasms really gets me going but the rest of the site is just a little much for me.

I can definitely see though that if cum is a turn-on for you that this will drive you crazy and I’d like to think that this appeals to way women than men but if I’ve learnt anything about people through porn then it is that freaks are the norm when it comes to sexual fantasy, fetish and desire.

Tainster is the network that brings us this site and they have many other extremely popular and successful sites in their pen of which Party Hardcore is a another big favourite of mine. So check out Tainster’s Slime Wave discount for up to 73% off for a fantastic deal.

Sluts to Piss Like Fish to Water

You know you’re in for some pissy good-times when you’ve got a hot MFF threesome on your hands. Every one of these folks take their turn at some point to unleash their warm juices all over the other two. The dude gets his dick sucked a bit by both females and then pisses on them. The girl in white licks the other chick’s pussy, then the girl in purple pisses on her. Now you see the guy fucking the girl in purple while they’re both pissed on by the girl in white – it’s my favorite photo of this video – had to share.

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Messy Cum-Shots & Pissing Porn Videos

What I love about this site is not only the messiness of it all, but the totally uninhibited natures of people that just want to fuck. It’s like fucking with the most excitement you can have at this place; I guess that’s why they call it the “amusement park of porn” and it sure does live up to that moniker. You can save up to 76% off with a Tainster discount.

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Melt-In-Your-Mouth Plumper Porn Babes

You want to watch a hefty porn babe eat a meaty sausage while she takes a dude’s fat meat in her pussy? I’ve also watched a babe licking whipped cream and cherries off her own nipples here; you’re in for a real treat because this feed her fuck her discount saves 55% off. Full figured women with a ravenous hunger for food and fornication deliver fantastic XXX performances that will have your cock hard and your mouth watering.

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