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She Loves The Taste of Cream Pie

When sexy Asian stars Aya Komatsu and Nagu Tsukino appeared on my screen, I expected it to be a sexy threesome with a horny man and I was prepared for that. What I was not prepared for was the fuck fest that absolutely blew my mind with a finish that gave me an epic orgasm. I mean, watching a babe suck the splooge out of another chick’s vagina was about the hottest thing I think I’ve ever seen. But I should have known I was going to be treated to something so incredibly hot. After all, I was watching it on Sperm Mania.

This incredible site is not your typical Asian porn site. For one, they give you everything in perfect clarity so you can appreciate every naughty ounce of content. Did you know there are still a ton of Asian sites out there that use genital pixelation? Not here! You see it all!

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Cum Guzzling Teens

Just looking at this pic makes my feel weak at the knees and my stomach go hollow like when you hit a sudden downward dip on a roller coaster. I have no idea how these guys find pleasure in having a testicle pulled like that, mine are far too sensitive. What she is doing there would be excruciatingly painful for me and I see that because an ex-girlfriend did that once with the best of intentions and left me in the fetal position instant agony.

Considering the name of the site and what it’s about it makes sense then that the swallow is considered the bird of true love. Don’t look that up, it’s bullshit, it’s just a play of words on girls swallowing instead of spitting.

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