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It’s a Pissing Emergency

I’ve always found it to be super erotic when a woman lets you watch her pee. Whether it’s a babe who is willing to satifsy your curiosity or a chick who has to pee in front of you out of necessity, it’s always hot as hell. 

What is usually such a private moment is suddenly right in your face, which feels voyeuristic and naughty. I especially love seeing a woman who has been holding it until she’s about to burst. That urgency building makes it feel intense. And then of course there’s the visual spectacle that comes with seeing a tight pussy spray as the wet and wild fun splashes on everything and every one around.

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All In The Family

There are families out there that do everything together and by that, I mean everything. I dated this girl once and when it was time to meet the family boy was I in for a shock. Everything seemed normal at first, but then I noticed they were extremely close. Really touchy feely. When the ladies were in the kitchen I saw my girlfriend’s mom pat her on the ass and I thought it was really strange, but she was hot so it was also erotic.

Later on that night when we were laying in bed I asked my girlfriend about what I had seen. She told me her family is very close. She explained that when it was time for her and her siblings to learn about sex that they learned from their parents. She said it was common for the siblings to all get involved. I thought it was crazy but my penis thought it was the sexiest thing ever.

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