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One Squirts and the Other Swallows

The girls inside of Swallow Squirt must all be extremely thirsty because they are drinking tons of piss and female ejaculation, as well as sperm. It’s a crazy mess in there and that is what makes it so incredibly awesome.

There is a ton going on inside of this site. Most scenes feature multiple girls and they are all squirting all over the place. It gets so soaking wet that some scenes are shot with girls in plastic pools, on covers, and sometimes you can even catch girls wearing goggles to keep the juices from getting in their eyes.

There is a lot of masturbation here with fingers and toys. Some girls are doing it to themselves and sometimes other girls help. When one is finally ready to release that high powered stream, another babe will open her mouth to catch it. When a cock is brought into a scene, things get even more wild.

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