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This group sex party will leave you breathless!

Just imagine that you’ve been invited to the hottest Group Sex Party of the year and there are going to be so many hot looking girls there. What would your first thought be? I bet it has something to do with banging as many smoking hot girls as you can, am I right?

For those who are not kept in the loop, there are sex parties happening all over the globe. They happen on a nightly basis and if you’ve been invited you will be having the time of your life. It is not uncommon for a guy to be able to fuck multiple different women on the same night. It all comes down to have much fuel you have in the tank and what you do with it.

Unless you know where these fuck parties are happening you will sadly miss out. Thanks to the ones filming it at least you can still be part of the action that way. Not all of us are ever going to get a chance like this and only a select few of us ever will. Just keep praying that it is your cock going to town on these girls and you never know what luck might bring for you.

Get in on This Tainster Mega Pass

New Years is almost here and it’s always a disappointment for me. Back in 2002, I had the best NYE that any man could ever hope for, and it’s ruined every other one for me since. Nothing can compare.

A group of us guys went to Vegas. We were going to gamble and get wasted. We figured that would be enough for it to be awesome and bonus points if we hooked up with a few girls along the way. Well, that all changed once my buddy, Reggie, started winning big. What happened after that was a bit of a blur. One of the guys also gambling big invited us all to a party he was having. He said there would be lots of prostitutes to share. That was an invitation too good to pass up!

We ended up at some building in a sketchy area, but inside it was nice and the girls all looked hot and were dressed in tiny outfits. The alcohol poured freely, the music was loud, and everyone was wild. At one point, the fire sprinklers came on. I guess it was planned. The girls all stripped out of their soaked clothes, guys were pissing on them as the sprinklers washed it off, and everyone was fucking everyone. It was a wet and messy sex party. Not too different from what you see inside of Tainster.

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