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Fully Clothed Dip In Pool

There were two totally gorgeous fetish babes in the pool together. They were in such a hurry to get wet, they didn’t even bother removing their clothes. That didn’t bother us at all, who would mind watching two hot babes taking a dip in the pool like this? But, like I said there are three girls here, and the last one is just about to join them in the pool. She had already removed her panties, but the girls want her to keep that white top on, and we all know why!

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Two Fetish Crazy Ladies Porn

You could call these two fetish babes crazy and I don’t think they’d mind at all. Today there’s just one thing they care about, and that’s getting wet and messy. One of the porn stars lays down on the massage table, the other girl gets her hands nice and dirty, putting them all over the other babe drives them both crazy. Things are just getting out of hand now, this isn’t a girl on girl massage anymore, it’s a full blown lesbian fuck fest!

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